The French word Deshabillé (pronounced dez-ha-bee-ay) means “to be partially or casually dressed” or “to undress”.
“to be partially or casually dressed” or “to undress”.

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The French word Deshabillé (pronounced dez-ha-bee-ay) means “to be partially or casually dressed” or “to undress”.

With this perfectly fitting name, in 2006 Sydney designer Roslyn Gleave created the Deshabillé brand, offering a range of sexy, sophisticated and flattering sleepwear, loungewear and beachwear that can be worn at home or beyond.

“ Having worked as a fashion designer for over 10 years, I always felt drawn towards sleepwear. ”

Each piece is designed to feel truly special, with a strong emphasis on using only the softest and most luxurious fabrics available. Add to this a range of features including intricate finishes, beautiful trims, embroideries and lace and each Deshabillé piece feels and looks amazing and beautiful.

“ Beautiful prints have always been important to me ”

When Roslyn started the label, she had a strong vision of what she wanted her brand to be about.“While I was working as a designer at Mambo I worked with highly talented artists and fell in love with the amazing prints they could produce.I saw that there was a clear gap in the market and an opportunity for beautiful yet practical sleepwear that moved away from the traditional‘ puppydogs & polkadots’ prints and offered more sophisticated and fashion - forward prints for sleepwear.

Not just stopping at sleepwear, Deshabillé also offer a range of loungewear which has been part of the business concept since the company’s launch.

“ I want people to have luxurious pieces to wear at home when they’re not in their pyjamas. ”

“Many people spend a huge amount of their time in track pants and comfort clothes, however it is amazing how many people wear daggy worn out items around the home! Our loungewear is not only comfortable and practical, it is also beautiful and flattering to wear. This means that you don’t need to feel ‘daggy’ when you get home from work and slip your comfy clothes on – you can now feel special and beautiful at home too.”

While loungewear is a large focus during winter, during the summer months Deshabillé compliments its sleepwear collection with a range of artfully relaxed beach dresses and beachwear. “Having spent a good part of my life living on Sydney’s northern beaches, beachwear is a huge part of defining what summer means to me, ”Roslyn states. “I love the relaxed atmosphere of popping down to Manly’s famous corso and seeing everyone out with their tanned skin, big bold sunglasses and floaty beach dresses. You can’t beat relaxing, throwing something easy on and heading out for a coffee on a beautiful hot summer day.”