At times, living with ease and staying calm can sound like a rather difficult concept to all of us – and when stress slowly starts building up, the mind can easily get caught up in the waves of negativity.We’ve all been there before, knowing that our home could be a sanctuary of wellbeing, but not being very sure where to even start and how to chase away bad thoughts. To help you make this a time of growth and master the art of self-care, I gathered my go-to tips for days when you need a bit of positive inspiration.

Embracing Your Creativity

Embracing your creativity


Finding new ways to express yourself is closely tied together with mental wellbeing. Alongside giving you the power to fearlessly dream and experiment, exploring your skills can also be incredibly motivating and calming. The options are endless: learn a new language, create your very own pasta (or cocktail) recipe, get creative with your paintbrushes or search for new style inspiration. It’s all about discovering what you love and what brings a smile to your face, so make sure to enjoy the process and try not to take it too seriously...a few DIY mistakes can make the journey even more fun.

Focusing On Your Inner Calm

Focusing on your inner calm

Practicing mindfulness can be quite tricky when all your mind wants to do is take a wander through all your worries. When things start to get a little rough, I always remind myself of four steps. Acknowledgment, consciousness, courage and patience. After starting with realizing any potential sources of worry, I try my best to stay rational and face any rabbit hole of negative thoughts with bravery. This process certainly takes time, which is why staying patient with yourself is so incredibly important! Never think you are doing “too much” or “too little” and instead, try to ensure you are always open to understanding and learning more about yourself.

Feeling Cosy & Confident

Call me biased, but I’m a firm believer in finding the perfect loungewear pieces. A comfy and sleek loungewear set will not only play an important part in making you feel amazing at home, but it will also give you an instant confidence boost. Especially when you’re spending slightly more time lounging around the house, opt for wearing things that make you feel ready for any challenge from intense workouts to deciding what to binge-watch next on Netflix. My current favourite for busy days are the ... pants, while the Harmony Dress is a beautiful pick for spontaneous afternoon naps and pamper sessions.

Staying Connected

Checking on your friends and family will keep you feel closely connected, even when you are apart. I know that sometimes the last thing you’d like to do when you’re not feeling your best is to reach for your phone, but staying in touch with those who are close to you can do wonders for both you and them. Although we are all busy with our lives, these conversations (however short or long) can remind you of the happiest and most silly moments of life – and who knows, maybe you are not the only person who needs a few cheering words. 

Enjoying An At-Home Spa Session

All the hair masks, manicures and body scrubs you’ve never had time for before can come first to help you focus on yourself before anything else. Run a bath, grab a cup of tea, dive into your skincare essentials and a good book and let the hours go by. Needless to say, a beauty afternoon every weeks or two weeks will also help you feel refreshed and calm, so it’s a great getaway when you are feeling overwhelmed with life. The most relaxing part of any pamper routine for me is a hydrating face mask that makes any signs of tiredness vanish, and a close runner-up is an at-home, 90’s supermodel inspired blowout.

Nurturing Your Body

After going through the beauty treatments for flawless skin and hair, we also need to talk about your physical wellbeing. It might sound like a cliché, but finding the right exercises and staying active will let your body cope with unnecessary stress and let it feel healthier than ever. Just like with learning more about your creativity, you can also keep your body inspired by finding workout routines you’ll genuinely enjoy. Set up new goals, push your limits and create new milestones to keep both your body and mind balanced.

Setting Up Your Dream Office

If you are working or studying at home, you can easily turn any space into a magical home office. Even if that “office” is a corner of the dining table or your sofa and coffee table, spend time with transforming into a motivating space where you can pay attention to nothing but your goals. After you are done with the must-haves such organised notes and having your favourite cup for coffee-refills close by, let your imagination fly free and add those finishing touches that will elevate the office even more.


Decluttering & Cleansing

Speaking of interior design, there is something so calming about waving goodbye to unnecessary things that are just lying around the house without a purpose. The joy of having less can sound quite scary at first, but this liberating feeling is a go-to for so many people when it comes to relaxing and embracing positivity. A few hours spent with cleaning will help your mind get rid of multiple sources of stress, such as keeping inventory of all the things happening in the background. The result? A less chaotic environment, a bigger appreciation for your surroundings and an improved space for mindfulness.


Last, but certainly not least...
...feeling anxious and worried is something that affects all of us and you should never feel bad for occasionally losing sight of your calmness. Instead, try to find the small things and methods that will work best for you, and take steps however slow you feel is right.


Roz xox