Being an independent label, every detail from material sourcing to the completed designs mirrors the ethos of our community of women seeking to make conscious fashion decisions. To offer pieces that go beyond simply stylish, the Deshabillé team is constantly on the lookout for new materials...which is where our journey with bamboo starts. Why is this beautiful, natural material considered an ethical fabric and how does it benefit your wardrobe? Keep on reading!

Conscious comfort - Loungewear and sleepwear

The Importance Of Sustainability

Unfortunately, fashion continues to claim its spot as one of the most polluting industries. Activities such as mass production, irresponsible sourcing and unethical work conditions are still closely associated with many fast fashion companies, which is where we, independent brands and shoppers can step in and make a difference.

With Deshabillé, I have the amazing ability to innovate women’s sleepwear one step at a time and offer customers a new option that sacrifices neither style nor ethics. Using sustainable materials, overseeing our production process and creating designs with your lifestyle in mind are all aspects that say no to harms of traditional fast fashion. I like to refer to our label’s ethical collections as a cycle of positive impacts, and even if it takes more time, more search and more effort, I firmly believe it plays an important role in the future of fashion (and our environment).

So, why is all this important for Deshabillé? Because together, we can revolutionise how we view fashion, without ever having to give up on our personal styles. Together, we can share our knowledge, learn from each other and make small changes that mean a lot to our environment.

The Story Behind Bamboo Materials

After taking a look at the entire process of creating bamboo fabric and the comfort it brings to its wearer, adding it to our collection was a no-brainer.

Deshabile - Bamboo material

Growing Bamboo
Bamboo is a highly sustainable crop. Known as one of the fastest growing plants and an easily renewable source, it can completely regrow without replanting and has up to 10 times higher fibre yield per acre than cotton. Not only is it able to grow without any chemicals and pesticides, it also requires less water and energy than other materials used for clothing. It requires very minimal maintenance throughout its growth, and being a tough little survivor, it usually doesn’t get affected by flooding and drought conditions – no wonder it’s often called one of the most ethical fashion choices of the 21st century.

How The Magic Happens
This is where Deshabille steps in and brings the bamboo straight to your loungewear collection. Once we receive the harvested bamboo, we create the softest lyocell fabric by crushing the organic bamboo pulp and spinning it into yarns with a solvent. To make sure that every part of the method is completely harmless, we use a non-toxic, biodegradable and non-acidic solvent. During this process, we get a glimpse into what the outcome is going to look like: pure softness that will soothe the skin and provide resilience and durability.

Deshabile loungewear

Calmer Days, Sweeter Dreams

Alongside the long list of environmental benefits, this wonderful material also provides little luxuries for the wearer. First and foremost, words can’t describe how soft this fabric is. Smoother than the best cotton, bamboo feels and drapes like silk and satin, all whilst staying lightweight. This aspect is especially amazing throughout warmer days when you’d still like to wrap yourself up in a cosy layer.
This incredible softness is combined with hypoallergenic and breathable benefits. Rather than causing the skin any discomfort (something you might feel when wearing cheap materials that feel like plastic against your skin), the material resists clinging and contains absolutely no irritants. This aspect is combined with a moisture wicking and heat retention ability, two details that add an extra layer of practicality to the material. Last, but certainly not least, bamboo lyocell features excellent breathability thanks to its cross-section of tiny gaps. With all these benefits added together, bamboo fabric is a comfy go-to all year round that will stay gentle, even on sensitive and dry skin.

If we could describe our bamboo material with a feeling, it would be...
...feeling the relief of slipping on something buttery soft after a long shift at work
...lying down on a soft blanket on a sunny field
...slipping into smooth fresh natural fibred sheets 


deshabile bamboo material

Meet the new Bamboo Love Lounge Pant

These luxurious straight leg pants were crafted with a timeless aesthetic and versatility in mind. For inspiration, I looked at those everyday moments when this soft design will spark the most joy. Moments such as sipping freshly brewed coffee before getting ready for an important business call or stepping out of a relaxing the bath after a long day. From its neutral shades to the ethical bamboo composition, these lounge pants channel effortless comfort and calmness in every detail. My favourite part besides the material? The design’s comfortable high waist! 

Deshabile - Bamboo lounge pant

Benefits You’ll Fall In Love With

- More wrinkle-resistant than regular modal or viscose fabrics, meaning you don’t have to get the iron out so frequently!
- Feels luxuriously soft & delicate on the skin, meaning that it’s perfect for sensitive, dry and easily irritable skin.
- The bamboo's natural insulation will keep you warm throughout cold days and chilled through sunn days
- Declared one of the most sustainable materials on our planet, you can feel good and do good at the same time
- The robe's lightness is perfect for layering over tops and nightdresses

How To Care For Your Bamboo Lounge & Sleepwear?

The bamboo loungewear and sleepwear Deshabille crafts are super easy to look after, which adds the final touch to the sustainability cycle. You can cold wash your garment separately without needing fabric softener or anything else rather than your usual detergent.

Overall, I am very excited to introduce this fabrication to our collection and offer something luxurious, yet completely environmentally friendly. I know navigating through the beginning of an ethical fashion journey can be tricky, which is why I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you ever tried bamboo materials before and what other sustainable fabrics would you like to see in the Deshabille collection?


Roz xox