Deshabillé Curve: An Ode to Body Confidence

Living by the ethos that loungewear and sleepwear should always fit and flatter, we are incredibly excited to introduce a new collection to the Deshabille label, defined by this mission to empower all women in their beautiful bodies. After months in the planning and making, a Deshabillé Curve Lines officially here, featuring a range of beautiful new plus-size sleepwear fashion for real women with real curves: with the goal of making every woman look & feel amazing at home. 

A Celebration of Your Body



Deshabillé is all about comfort and self-love – visions and ideas, brought to life to capture the effortless confidence of women around the world. This mindset is also deeply rooted in body-positivity. Our brand believes that beauty has no boundaries or standards. That body confidence starts with feeling good in what you are wearing and sexiness exudes as a result of this. 

Empowered by the modern-day movement of women learning and encouraging others to appreciate themselves, all their curves, and the natural beauty of their body and what a womanly body is capable of, it has been an honour not only to work in collaboration with inspirational Curve model @caitlin_robertson but represent her in a range of sleepwear that she feels truly comfortable in. Upon hearing her story about how and why she became a curve model & her story of her journey to build her body confidence as she became a woman, it is evident that the clothing she & other curvy women wear that is the biggest turning point towards them feeling beautiful within themselves.

And that was the beginning of curve clothing and fashion altogether: a range of elegant clothing designed not to slim women, but to accentuate their beautiful curves in all the right ways. Instead of nothing-but-black, and baggy alternatives, curve fashion should offer luxurious fits and fabrics to empower women to feel comfortable and confident, and sophisticated styles that represent the vibrant souls, smiles, and confidence that these women hold within.

When first creating the Deshabille label, the founder, Roslyn’s, thoughts were guided by empowerment, which is why she is so honored to expand our range and introduce our Curve line. With the extended size range (including plus sizes 18-26), the pieces in this collection offer Deshabille’s signature coziness to even more women and bring our magic to even more homes.

Our curve line has been designed with thoughtfulness and detail and was made in collaboration with a number of real women. The curve line isn’t merely an extension of sizes. Each style features intricacies in design to flatter and enhance. From cozy nightwear and sexy pajamas to elegant robes, we hope that our range of luxurious Plus-Size Sleepwear will make you feel incredible and most importantly, endlessly comfortable.

The Curve Collection

Manor Curve Robe

Thanks to its soft, dreamy fabric, this comfy favourite is perfect for both summer vacations and off-duty winter evenings. Keep it flowy to show off your PJ set or add a flattering touch to loungewear looks with its tonal waist tie. Available in Black and Navy.

Manor Curve PJ Set

A classic in our collection featuring a collared top and matching, long pants with contrasting trims for a classy touch. The Manor is a flawless pick for days when you are feeling just a bit more elegant, without wanting to give up comfort. Available in Black and Navy.

A Note on Self-Love

For us, feeling confident means feeling unstoppable. The sense of being uplifted by yourself and by others who surround and love you is irreplaceable.

As much as it plays a very important role in life, we all struggle with it sometimes. Let’s be honest, the route to self-love is a tricky one with its own triumphs and trials. Luckily, there are many factors that can make this long road less rocky, but the one that has always been at the core of confidence for me is acceptance and feeling comfortable in my own body.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in being unhappy with our bodies. For many of us, it starts at such a young age that we can barely remember it. It all just suddenly becomes overwhelming, to the point where the list of “what we don’t like” is ten times longer than the things we actually like about our bodies. If you’ve ever been there too, you stand with the millions of women who, at one point in their life, shared the same concerns.

The way out? Self-love is a wonderful way of healing these memories and arriving at a point where you feel confident and unstoppable again. Unfortunately, there is no bullet-proof recipe for self-love, but there are a few things that can easily remind you of how perfect you are:

Positive little thoughts: Be your biggest cheerleader and encourage yourself to try new things and to see your best features. 

Breaking down the stereotypes: Beauty doesn’t have a real definition – instead, it’s a magical way of creativity that lets you form and create your very own idea of what’s beautiful.
Embracing all the things you love: Spread love not only on the inside but on the outside too.

Expressing yourself: any way or shape you’d like to. Giving yourself a chance to speak (or write, draw, sing) your mind will help you learn more about yourself every day.

Reminding yourself of the best moments: Whether it’s an achievement or that time you couldn’t stop laughing for hours, reminiscing of sweet memories will instantly make gloomy days cheerful. 

Deshabille’s Promise

The women of Deshabillé hope that this label can be a source of sunshine and positivity and that when you wear our designs, read these thoughts, or connect with our growing community of empowered women on socials, you feel absolutely amazing. As Deshabille grows and matures as a brand, our promise is to continue growing and spreading self-love to women all around the world. 

Yours in sleeping, lounging and living in sophisticated luxury and uber-comfort,